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TURNAROUND CREDIT REPAIR, LLC can help get you going in the right direction!

TURNAROUND CREDIT REPAIR, LLC incorporates the talent and expertise developed over 40 years of combined experience in the financial industry including in capacities as lenders, underwriters, analysts, business owners, consultants and attorneys. We know the difficulties you experience as a result of credit scoring and reporting. You may not be able to open a bank account. You may not qualify for a mortgage, or experience higher mortgage rates. You may not be able to buy the car you need to get to your job. TURNAROUND CREDIT REPAIR, LLC offers solutions that could get you going in the right direction!

For Our Commercial Customers

For our commercial customers, TURNAROUND CREDIT REPAIR, LLC provides services that can help you improve your risks and risk ratings given to you by third parties. A negative risk rating or high risk rating could mean whether or not YOUR business remains open. WE work directly with lenders, insurance companies, bonding companies and State authorities to remedy determinations that impact your abilities to do business and your abilities to do business successfully.

We provide commercial risk rating repair due to
  • audit by insurance carrier
  • audit by State Agency
  • audit by Federal Government
  • determination of bonding company
  • evaluation by lending institution
  • bankruptcy
  • mismanagement
  • officer/shareholder criminal activities
  • corporate neglect
  • breaches in corporate fiduciary duty
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  • Mismanagement of personal finances
  • False credit reporting
  • Late payments
  • Tax liens
  • Garnishments by judgment creditors
  • Foreclosure
  • Identity theft
  • Bankruptcy
  • Fraud
  • Charge offs by lenders
  • Repossession
  • Inquiries by current and possible lenders
  • Civil judgments
  • Collections

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Disclaimer : No one can legally remove from a credit report accurate information, timely information that is negative, or negative items that are current, verifiable and accurate. Credit repair companies can only restore a credit record to a true and accurate state within the boundaries of the law. Credit repair companies cannot lie on behalf of their clients to repair credit. There is no guarantee that repairing a credit report will improve your credit and your credit ratings, that you will have credit worthiness and the ability to obtain and repay loans and debts, and receive better interest rates, terms, and pricing with respect to any loan you seek. Credit repair does take time and there are no immediate results. The United States Government has enacted specific laws to protect the consumer and has established certain policies and procedures for bureaus and creditors to follow. Such laws include the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FCRA states that all information on a credit report must be ACCURATE, TIMELY, and VERIFIABLE in order for it to legally remain on a report. If an item does not meet this criterion, the consumer is allowed to dispute it. The bureaus and creditors are given 30 days to provide adequate and documented evidence to verify the information. If the item cannot be verified, it must be removed. Credit bureaus do not verify information before placing it on a credit report. Everything a credit repair company can do legally for a consumer, a consumer can do at little or no costs.